Abstract: Voluntarily Intoxicated Consent – Rape or Regret?

By Gary Lee Walters

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Only 6.5% of reported rapes[1] result in a conviction[2]. This figure of 6.5% is subject to much academic debate, figures of 13% will be aired; however, 13% is for convictions, for rape and lesser offences, such as sexual assault, following trial.

This will be analysed via cases R v Bree[3], R v Olugboja[4] R v H[5], Dougal[6], (unreported) and respected academic journals.

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[1] The figure 6.5% is representative of convictions on Rape only, and not lesser offences following trial

[3] [2007] EWCA Crim 804

[4] [1981] 73 Cr App R 344

[5] [2007] EWCA Crim 2056

[6] Unreported, Swansea Crown Court, November 2005

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One thought on “Abstract: Voluntarily Intoxicated Consent – Rape or Regret?

  1. This is kinda stupid, Imean sure they were both inebreated. But she never said no,never gave any real indication of No or stop or I don’t want this.. instead she asks if he has a condom? Yeeeeaaa…. Thats not rape you idiots,this is some girl fucking another man in a inebreated state regretting it the next day and calling it rape. Where are the rights of the man. Just because we are the ones that have to penetrate doesn’t mean we should get all the blame. It does take two people. And in this case I think the judge should throw it out. 1: no woman was violently hurt nor did it giver her a long lasting mental trauma. 2: it was a series of social events in this situation most men and women that get into these type of social activities undertand quite well that sex very well could be apart of the night but yet both parties still participate in it. If they didn’t want to have sex. they should have stayed home or said no or anything. you simply cannot scream rape whenever you feel like it. this is a primeexample of human stupidity. he judge honestly should have thrown it out. this case is not rape.

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