Dearth of Confessions of an LPC Student

I started off the year unemployed, a few months into the LPC and feeling the constant worry that I would never find a legal job and be consequently stuck with a huge debt to the College of Law (or should I say University of Law now?!). The first few months of the year were definitely a struggle for me, and it was during this time that I started to write my own personal blog documenting my job search and studies on the LPC.

I would post them on Twitter and Facebook for my friends and followers (sounds a bit like a cult when I say I have followers) to read. It was through doing this that I ended up being approached to write my blogs for the lovely people at StretLaw. It was also during the early part of the year that I received my results from my Masters in Commercial Law. Just in case anyone missed that post which can be found HERE. I came out of the course with a Distinction.

A few more months of unemployment followed, with regular interviews, probably 2 or 3 per month which is actually quite good for legal jobs but still nobody wanted to hire me! Eventually around June I secured a job as an administration assistant in a conveyancing department in one of the biggest firms in my city. It was about time someone noticed me because I was really starting to give up hope! I pointed my then potential employers to my work at StretLaw – I think they could see I had potential. I think this job was good for me as a first legal job because I learnt a lot while I was there and met a lot of lovely people.

Sadly, my future at this firm was not setin stone as I was on a temporary contract which was renewed month by month so every four weeks I would go through the same stress and worry of whether I would be working for another month. In the end it got to be too much for me and I put my notice in to leave this job at the end of November. I was sad to leave but I couldn’t see any other choice but to try and move forward career wise. Some people have informed me that I was expecting too much from my first legal job but I see no problem with aiming high. Yes everybody has to start somewhere but there is nothing wrong with having goals to move forward from that starting place.

Anyway, that brings us up to Christmas and New Year. I spent the whole of December unemployed again and ‘studying’ for my upcoming LPC exams. That was the plan anyway but somehow I only managed a couple of weeks doing that and the rest of the month seemed to whizz by! This is it folks, the end of the LPC is nigh. I have now sat my final exams for my elective subjects and I will be honest, I have mixed emotions. On the one hand it is great to have some resemblance of a life back where I don’t spend every waking hour worrying about whether I’ve done enough work, or how much work still needs to be done. On the other hand I will miss studying. I’ve made no secret to the people who know me that I love to study. I love learning, I love understanding new concepts and facts and I love the looks on people’s faces when I tell them that at 26 years old, yes, I am still studying law.

However, as of last Friday (18th January) I will have no further LPC work or revision to do. Well, unless I fail these exams that is, but nobody really likes to think about the idea of failing, least of all me!

So what on earth am I going to do with myself once I’ve finished the LPC? Well, here comes the next piece of news for you. I have a new job! What is this new job I hear you ask? I’ll tell you…I am a Will Writer at a local law firm. I am a fee earner which is exciting, and I am also the primary fee earner for the branch of the firm which I am working in which is also very exciting. My official job title is Private Client Advisor…well this is what is going to be printed on my BUSINESS CARDS. Yes that’s right; I’m going to have my very own business cards with my name on and everything! Is it really sad that I’m ridiculously excited about getting these?! You don’t have to answer; I can see you all nodding as you read this.

When I left my previous job, I had this new job tucked up my sleeve. There was no way I would have voluntarily left employment to be unemployed again because that was not a pleasant time and I would definitely not like to repeat it.

So there we have it, my 2012 in a nutshell. I was approached and accepted the role as voluntary staff writer at StretLaw for their Confessions Series, I got a distinction in my masters, I passed two-thirds of the LPC, and I got two jobs in law.
On top of that side of things, I have also had some personal victories as well…I have made some great new friends through work, and also out of work, I’ve focussed a lot on my health and managed to lose 40lbs in weight so I am a lot healthier and happier than I was at the start of 2012. Onwards and upwards eh?!

Finally, what does 2013 have in store for me? Aside from exams next week, I have my new job to get to grips with (terrifying and exciting), I am still waiting for a training contract BUT the firm who have taken me on to be a fee earner have done so with a view to a training contract so I’ve got everything crossed for that really and I’m just going to take everything else as it comes.

I will continue to write my Confessions Series so you will all be kept up to date with my life as a Will Writer!

(c) Karen Salt


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