University of South Wales: A moot review by Kurt Gunby

I was very excited about mooting in front of people whom I did not know, especially because two of the judges were partners of Watkins and Gunn. I felt very confident during my speech and upon reflection, hope that I projected my voice properly. The moot was recorded so all will get to pass judgement on that one!

Once I left the room I was elated to have completed the moot and felt like I had achieved something. I also had the opportunity to speak to the lawyers that were present as part of the ULS networking hour, which was a great insight into what it may be like to work in the legal profession.

It was not until the next day that I would learn the result; I’d won! When I received the email, read it and realised that I had won I was over the moon as it is so hard to achieve legal experience – the competition is fierce and ULS gave me a fantastic opportunity that I am glad I grabbed with both hands!

What made me even more excited was the fact that the decision was based upon my advocacy skills.

I would like to once again thank StretLaw Ltd, UniLawStudents (ULS) and Gary Lee Walters (@LegalAcademia) for the opportunity, and for choosing me as one of the winners.

(c) Kurt Guby, 2013

Editors’ note: Kurt goes through to the final for a chance of winning a mini-pupillage with Civitas Law.


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