Voluntarily Intoxicated Consent – Rape or Regret (Rape, Intoxication and Consent)

This is a highly readable and easy to understand guide to the Sexual Offences Act 2003 in relation to Rape and Consent through Intoxication.

It has been scrutinized by acclaimed academics in its field, and leading legal practitioners.

Download a copy today via Amazon, and be better informed on a topic that gets more contentious, daily.

Here is a brief overview:

Only 6.5% of reported rapes result in a conviction . This figure of 6.5% is subject to much academic debate, figures of 13% will be aired; however, 13% is for convictions, for rape and lesser offences, such as sexual assault, following trial. This article does not debate that issue, and could not do it justice within its scope. The article is concerned with rape only in relation to consent. That said, “Successful prosecutions rose from 54% in 2006-07 to 59% in 2009-10” . Encouraging, yet in a report of a similar strand, the statistics for 2011 / 2012, show an increase to 62.5% .

By Gary Lee Walters, Editor-in-Chief and legal academic


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