Roll up, roll up, and win a mini-pupillage! Auction via Westminster School #MiniPupillageGate

By Gary Lee Walters, Editor-in-Chief

Browsing the ULS Twitter timeline yesterday I noticed a Tweet about Westminster School auctioning a mini-pupillage. This can’t be true I thought, but after checking it out, there it was. Talk about a kick in the **** for social mobility.

Ethically I’m opposed & professionally I’m opposed. By offering a mini-pupillage to the highest bidder, Westminster School may as well say: ‘no needy, no diversity’.

At ULS, via StretLaw Ltd, we’re fortunate to have close ties with law firms, such as Solicitors Watkins and Gunn & Chambers, Civitas Law. Through them, we have ‘given-away’ five work experiences & three mini-pupillage’s to law students. They didn’t bid for it; they worked for it by winning our mooting competition.

Emma Waddingham, Business Development Director at Civitas says:

 “disgusting…and are they over 18?!! #Elitist “

Good point, according to the School site “Minimum age 16, internship must be taken before 30th April 2014”

We set goals that are achievable, not goals that keep the needy out, & allow the greedy in. It’s obvious the highest bidder will either ask their parents (anonymous benefactor?!), losing their independence or worse, spend their savings, desperate to win.

And who are the anonymous benefactors in London that are ‘OK’ with this being a way of gaining access to their set? Anonymous they may be & maybe that is wise, although it is said ‘all PR is good PR’, right?

There is no doubt the cause is a good one, all proceeds from the auction benefit the school’s purse, per T&Cs. Auction lots are donated from parents etc. so no doubt this one is no different, but the question still remains; who are the mystery chambers from which this mini-pupillage has originated? If you know, tell us below…

Do you think this is a good or bad idea or have Westminster School inadvertently hit upon a great idea?

© Gary Lee Walters, 2013


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