Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow? – Interviews and First Impressions #Employability

By Gary Lee Walters, Editor-in-Chief

Ensuring students are employable as possible is the main focus of what we do here at ULS. Appearance is quite understandably a big part of Employability. We give advice to guys on what they ought to consider wearing at an interview (yes, some think it is acceptable to wear chino’s) and other matters, such as personal hygiene, i.e. do not to dab on too much Brut or Old Spice…

There is a dress code for gals too, and quite naturally we extend the same advice albeit tailored (if you forgive the pun) to women on what to consider. Again, not too much perfume, you want to leave a good impression for hours after the interview, not an odor.

So what is the main reason for this bite-size blog? One question that always comes up is hair, more specifically, the cut. Should you let your ‘personality’ shine? Should guys with long hair, leave it so? I spoke to one young executive at a PI firm recently about employability and his haircut cropped up (apologies for the pun, again). He specifically cut his hair for the job interview, he felt he may not have been taken seriously without doing so.

He described his former cut as the ‘Testament Cut’ – Jesus. Of course, there is no way of knowing whether leaving it ‘raw’ would have been objectionable, but he did say he felt more at ease during the interview, not preoccupied or anxious about it, and performed well – he got the job.

Guys: As a way of canvassing views, what do you think about hair V interviews and would you consider losing hair length to get that job? I should probably insert a photo of me here for feedback – be kind!


What does your hair say about you?

Gals: Would you consider a different look for an interview, and if so, why?

Guys and Gals: Is this all just academic? Shouldn’t the main focus be your qualifications and not your image?

Answers below please! One lucky winner chosen at random by the Randomizer gets a £15 voucher of their choice (iTunes, Spotify etc.)

© Gary Lee Walters, 2013


One thought on “Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow? – Interviews and First Impressions #Employability

  1. Much as some people would deny it, first impressions do matter in an interview situation.

    I am firmly of the belief that no matter how well dressed one is, suited and booted etc, long hair will potentially ruin the all important first impression for the simple reason that it can very quickly become unkempt and scruffy looking. Far better, in my opinion, to go with a tidy short back & sides, with a quiff if that is your thing.

    I would also add that stubble looks scruffy and lazy so if you do not have a full beard then have a shave prior to your interview and if you do have a beard ensure that it is neatly trimmed and edged.

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