Legal Practice Retraining Part 2: I Got The Job! by @WaringLawyer

By Rachael Waring

After two years of retraining (out of personal injury and into private client) I finally take up my first paid position in my new discipline – yay!

The firm I will be working for is a real heavy weight in terms of private client in the North-West so I couldn’t be happier. They are to a degree, taking a punt on me and initially I am only signing a temporary contract — with salary to match. Nevertheless it is a foot in the door and who knows I may be heading up the department in 10 years time!

Ultimately I don’t know what’s in store for me or how long it will last but I do know that I will get great training and I also know that I will give it 110%.

The first article I ever wrote for Stretlaw (ULS now host the blogs) was about my retraining and it was entitled ‘think again and then some’ (republished yesterday). This is still very much the advice I would give to any one considering it.

It’s been a long road with people telling me ‘you’ll struggle’ and recruitment agents saying ‘I can find you some PI work if you’ve got nothing in six months’. It can be heartbreaking at times as it seems no one has any faith in you. You need to have the courage of your convictions and a bit of money to back it up. I have to accept that it may not be the salary I was quite hoping for and it may all end in a few months but I’ll be no worse off for it and I will come away (if I do come away) with a great firm on my CV and an up to date reference to boot.

This process has been a bit like when I was searching for a training contract, my Godfather said to me then ‘you only need one firm to say yes’ and it’s so true.

My advice would be to leave no stone unturned, use every opportunity to network; work in a posh coffee shop or an upmarket supermarket? Don’t be afraid to tell people what you ‘really’ do.

I am sad to be writing my last article (for now) for ULS but I am just so happy that it’s the one I’ve dreamt about writing since I penned the first.

Good luck to you all #ifyouwantitbadenoughyoullgetit 🙂

Now, I must get down the shops and buy some new work clothes!

© Rachael Waring,  2013


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