My Training Contract Journey: Step 1 by @TheLegal_Eagle

By Craig Chappell

So, I have recently finished the first year of law school. Because I am on an accelerated course of 2, rather than 3 years, this means I have to apply for the elusive TC’s by 31st July this year (2013) *GULP*.

Over the course of the next several weeks, I will be blogging my TC journey in the hope that it both interests and helps you in your own journey and, maybe, allow you to make the decision on whether or not to become a lawyer.


I have chosen to apply to a handful of firms including; Hogan Lovells, Irwin Mitchell, Walker Morris and Bond Dickenson. I have applied, primarily, for their Leeds offices (I love this city) but also their London offices (I equally love that city).

Applications Completed

I cannot stress enough that you complete your application well ahead of the traditional 31st July deadline to give yourself enough time to proofread. There is nothing worse than grammatical errors in a professional, legal application or CV. Especially since such errors made in practice, on a contract for example, can have a drastic effect.

Top Tip

Remember, when the following word starts with a vowel, it is ‘an’. For example: An interesting concept. When the following word starts with a consonant, it is ‘a’. For example: A lively concept.

What is next in my journey? Well, at the moment I am awaiting results certification by the BPP exam board, which are due out on 28th June. I will then be inserting those into my applications and pressing submit. *GULP*.

Read Part 2 here.

© Craig Chappell, 2013


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