Diary of a Law Student: ‘Typical Tuesday’ by @TheLegal_Eagle

By Craig Chappell

I thought some of you may wish to know what a ‘typical’ day at law school is like? Well, it is typically different for everyone, as we experience law school in a number of different ways. This, however is my ‘Typical Tuesday’:

6am: *sigh* time to get up and commute to law school. This is made more dreadful by the landslip that has caused the train line to close and buses to replace them. Great.

8:50am: Quick stop at McDonalds for a tea before heading in for the first session. Nearly trip someone over with my suitcase full of folders and books. Hope I don’t get sued…

9am: First session: Constitution and Administrative law consolidation. Today’s topic – Constitution.

10am: Second session. Constitution and Administrative law tutorial. *Double sigh*. Too early. Today’s topic – Separation of Powers.

11am: An hour break. Well, I say break but there is far too much reading to complete. Working lunch it is then.

12:15pm: Third session. The dreaded (same for you?) EU tutorial. Today’s topic – Direct, Indirect Effect and State Liability. *Triple sigh*.

1:15pm: Quick catch up with peers before listening to a podcast for International Trade. Today’s podcast is on insolvency. *No sigh*. I like Business law J

2:30pm: International Trade tutorial. Today’s topic – Implied Terms. What more can I say?

3:45pm: International Trade lecture. Today’s topic – Passing of Property. Strangely, very interesting.

4:45pm: Head to the train station for the train home. Consolidate today’s learning on the way to make use of free time.

7pm: Home. *loooooooooooooooooooong sigh and fall onto the bed*.

Wednesday? Day off! Well, working from home. Thank the Lord.

Keep an eye out for my random musings as I study over 2 years (accelerated route) for my degree.

© Craig Chappell, 2013



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