About Me – Rebecca (lawyer_inmaking)


I’m Rebecca, and I am Deputy Editor of UniLawStudents.  I am undertaking my LLB in a slightly unconventional way (and definitely different to how I had planned, but it all seems to be working out for the best).  Growing up from a young age I always knew I wanted to study law, but circumstances meant it was not possible straight away and so I ended up doing a Foundation Law Degree and then started my LLB (part time) and I am very fortunate to have ended up working in the legal field for most of that.

I am about to start my final year in September and I am really excited, but at the same time will no doubt feel a bit lost after it has all finished.

So, despite working and studying I try and get involved with as many uni events as I can, and co-founded the Bar Society at Herts Uni.  It really is crucial for you guys to get involved in as much as you can (even if you don’t have a role in them) just go along to events, you never know who you might meet!

So, I don’t really remember the moment I decided I wanted to study and then pursue a career in the Law, but I do remember people telling me that I used to talk about when I was 8!  I am really passionate about becoming a Barrister but know that the route isn’t an easy one, and neither is that of someone wanting to become a Solicitor.  Despite working for solicitors for a number of years now, it definitely hasn’t changed my mind on my career choice, but I do know that if I have to wait a while for a Pupillage, I will be absolutely fine sticking with being a Paralegal whilst I wait!

I really enjoy attending advocacy events and it is crucial that you guys do the same, and build up your confidence (not just those of you wanting to be Barristers either, as believe me, Solicitors needs to know how to communicate effectively as well!).

So outside of studying and working full-time, I have a blog which you are more than welcome to check out, and I try and post as regularly as I can.  It is legal based, some bits on what I am up to, and then also current legal news and discussion points.  Feel free to check it out here: lawyerinthemaking.co.uk I also love baking cakes and regularly post photos on twitter, I also have a slight obsession with going on holiday and watching US box sets… I can’t be a legal geek all the time!

So, if any of you want to get involved by writing the odd blog post for us (which you can also put on your CV) then send us a message!  Looking forward to hearing from you, and really excited to see where Sion and I can take UniLawStudents to this year! So keep checking back on twitter @UniLawStudents

Rebecca x



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