First blog post by one of our guest bloggers!


It’s Rebecca here and I am so excited to let you know that I am just about to post our first blog/article from one of our guest bloggers.

It is amazingly well written, informative and something everyone should read, as it is the sort of thing we read about in the papers and news a lot, but probably never quite now the legal standing on it.

Victoria Anderson has an amazing way at writing articles and this was so easy to read and follow, but equally really detailed and shows the time and effort put in to producing such a good article! (follow her on twitter @VFAnderson).

I look forward to receiving more articles and blog posts from all of you that we can publish online, and remember they can be on anything legal based, so that’s current news articles, book reviews, work experience and study tips, areas of interest (the list is endless)… so get writing!

Rebecca x




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