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Students continually ask for book recommendations. There are always too many on any one module list, students simply cannot afford to buy them all and are seldom lucky enough to see them on the library shelves!

To this end, we endeavour to recommend books that are suitable for the specific learner as opposed to adopting the ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Books received as inspection copies are reviewed without prejudice. We give honest feedback, including required learner proficiency level.

Books are reviewed on a voluntary basis by law students, who are at various stages in their legal education. We feel this provides integrity as those who review them, use them – simple.

Look out for our reviews of Routledge Law’s ‘Beginning‘ series. For now, take a look below:

Veitch, S. et. al. 2012. Jurisprudence. 2nd ed. Abingdon: Routledge

Reviewed by the Editor-in-Chief
I have a passion for Jurisprudence. I recall my first lecture when our lecturer walked in and shouted “You’ve been saved!”

As an undergraduate, I didn’t realise the significance of that until the end of the semester. I found Jurisprudence the road to enlightenment, much to the delight of my lecturer.  Jurisprudence is a must-study, in my opinion, and my first exposure to it was via Wacks.

However, this book by Veitch, et. al., is, it is probably fair to say, more comprehensive and does the subject more justice (pun intended). I would say it is on a par with Wacks in terms of content, but where Wacks lacks the legal ‘punch’, Veitch delivers a knock-out blow every time.

Because it has more contributors? Maybe.

For those with Dyslexia it could prove ‘hard’ reading. The font is small and thin. One cannot help but think it ought to have been a much larger book, maybe twice its size.

Would I recommend it?
In short, yes. The themes are on target and the concepts are sound. I would recommend it for ‘newbies’ to the subject, but keep in mind the practicalities.

Priced at £26.99, available from Routledge Law, see it and others, online.

What would you like reviewed? Get in touch and we’ll see what we can do 🙂

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