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How do you stand out in the ever increasing competitive market?

Our website offers the latest blogs from our expanding team of writers, tackling the subjects that are at the forefront of legal debate. Our team of Commissioning Editors are constantly sourcing new writers and new material that tests the boundaries of legal understanding and provokes widespread debate. Further, students are encouraged to blog in this space to both expand their CVs and to win prizes provided by our sponsors – such as Routledge Law and LexisNexis.

Employability Services

The legal industry is increasingly competitive and securing a training contract/pupillage and/or employment has become a challenge for many. At UniLawStudents we recognise the need for students to distinguish themselves from their peers, to have, and to show, the additional skills employers are looking for in candidates. Get in touch with us to find out more about our range of training services, for both institutions and individuals alike.

Get in touch if you are serious about a career in law, and get noticed.