Part 1 FGM Podcast 05.02.13 and Part 2 FGM Podcast 05.02.13.

This podcast, recorded by the editor-in-chief, and Nazmin Akthar. Nazmin is vice-chair of Muslim Women’s Network UK, is in relation to FGM.


Prezi’s are a great learning tool!

See our little Prezi’s we’ve created just for you:

  1. Exam Success
  2. Social Media Footprint – What Will You Leave Behind?
  3. Employability for Law Students – Why It Is Important

Do you want to see a Prezi on a particular topic? Get in touch!




See our Moots via our YouTube channel!

Winners of the moots all got something better than money – as we like giving stuff away, we helped 5 law students get work experience with a firm of Solicitors – at no charge.

Further to that, we helped 3 students get a mini-pupillage with Civitas Law (at no charge) – a great opportunity for all 3!

Thanks to Solicitors Watkins and Gunn and Chambers, Civitas Law for their support.




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